Geneseo, Illinois

On July 12, 2012 family member went into the Moline Furniture 123 store and purchased a sofa and love seat. At the time of the purchase the clerk informed us that it would take up to ten business days to obtain the items from the warehouse.

She did not inform us that they made the pieces from scratch nor did she inform us that it would take an extra day since the gurad was purchased for both pieces. When asked when they deliver it was told that delivery was Tuesdays through Saturdays so that would make sence that even if it took the two weeks that would be delivery and received by Saturday, July 28th at the latest. Called to day to the Davenport store, as that is where Moline furniture comes in at and you either pick it up there or they deliver. It took several times to get through on the phone, and we were told that the line had two going into it, only to be told that as of July 21, 2012 they didn't even have an idea when the two items would be into their store and that even worse was told by the delivery person that they already have deliveries scheduled up to Friday.

When asked if he would at least put us down for delivery on Friday was told that they couldn't would do so until they received the furniture into their store then and only then would delivery be set up. Which mean that it will now be over the time period that they told us when we considered purhasing the items. Should have known something was wrong when there is a sign at there sales desk stating no refunds. It doesn't matter how much questions you ask or how you feel you can be sure that items will be delivered on time at this store they will state anything to make the sale.

Also, when talking to the sales person today she would not let me get a complete sentence in until I asked her to please let me talk and please listen. All she wanted to do up to this time is keep breaking in and asking what do you want me to do and I cant tell the delivery person what to do as he is his own boss. She even when as far as to say that we could pick up the items ourself and they'd refund the delivery. I explained that we didn't have anything big enough to pick them up or we wouldn't have had delivery in the first place.

Besides we'd problably play havoc trying to get our money back with what's going on. The sale person was told that because of what we were told at sale time we decided to purchase the items but if she would've been completely honest we wouldn't have purchased the items and that they have casuse a problem to which she stated over and over well it's only a couple days longer than what was told you.

Monetary Loss: $1441.

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